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Further Information

Training of our Consultants

The ever-increasing number of patients who turn to self-help groups and associations for help sets demands for a very high quality of consultation. Therefore it is important that the consultation is consistently conducted at an outstanding level. This ensures that each individual receives the necessary attention to their individual characteristics.

Our advisors possess a quality education at two levels: Expert knowledge regarding the various diseases, and psycho-social skills. The latter is developed through participation in training through the work group “Berlin Self-Help Training.”

The “Psycho-Social Competence” training sessions for nationally engaged consultants were led by Frau von Wegerer from Berlin and Frau Susanne Nückles from Nuremberg. Our employees have completed this training through BAG-Leber and as part of our association receive continuing training.

Liver Clinic

For many years we have been able to provide our services to the Liver Outpatient Clinic at the Charite Benjamin Franklin Campus in Berlin-Steglitz, through which patients, doctors and nurses receive equal benefit. As a result of this we are in very close cooperation with the doctors and nurses in this clinic.

World Hepatitis Day /German Liver Day

World Hepatitis Day, as well as the German Liver Day is an incentive for us to build awareness of the topic of Hepatitis through events. To that end we jointly organize events with various clinics featuring renowned speakers.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

For years the location the Charite has taken part in The Long Night of Science, a event known and beloved throughout Berlin. Since 2004 Berliner Leberring e.V. has set up a booth in the Benjamin Franklin in the Hepotology section. Here we lead talks with the many visitors until well after midnight with the help of our volunteer workers.

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