Welcome to the Homepage of Berliner Leberring e.V.

Our new appointments: here

New events in Berlin self-help: here

As of 1/1/2015 we have new bank account information:

    • Account Holder: Berliner Leberring e.V.
    • Bank Details: Berliner Sparkasse
    • IBAN: DE31100500000190376449
    • PayPal-Account: kontakt@berliner-leberring.de

Berliner Leberring e.V. was founded in 1997 with the goal of providing a support center for patients with chronic liver disease and their families, and of promoting public awareness of the disease. Our members include patients, their family members, and dedicated individuals with professional ties to liver disease.

Here are some photos of our consultation center:

Corridor area: Here you will find brochures and informative material to take away

Our group room, set up for a conference

For discreet discussions, our consultation center.

Stocked up for our large groups.


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