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Liver Disease is not only liver disease
Despite many similarities, there are large differences between clinical pictures, prognoses, courses, and therapy options for liver disease. In order to rectify these differences we provide several discussion groups for liver patients, in which people who are affected by a common illness can come together. Through conversation, participants will learn that they are not alone in their problems, and will receive support from other participants. Common themes include treatment options, side effects of medicinal therapies, or other questions regarding disease management. Participants generally feel they are in good hands with their contacts from the group. If you are interested in taking part, please let us know by phone. We try to make sure that there is not more than one new person for every session.

Interferon Triple Therapy for patients of Hepatitis C
Since 2011 the new triple therapy for Genotype 1 patients has been on the market. It has been proven very effective for some, however, it has been known to cause many side effects in others. Additionally it is necessary to avoid harmful contraindications to ensure the success of the therapy. As a result of the considerably higher consultation and support needs introduced by this new treatment, we were prompted to set up a new group specifically for those concerned with this therapy. Here the affected will receive support in the management of side effects as well as questions relating to prescription drug safety. It is run by members of our support team. If you have need of updated information regarding this new therapy, we will be happy to consult with you during our meeting times. The group meets weekly.

Hepatitis B is a particularly virulent virus which affects approximately 400,000 people in Germany. The infection is transmitted through infectious body fluids. The course of the disease varies from person to person, but generally carries the risk of leading to the development of liver cirrhosis.

In Germany there are approximately 800,000 with the Hepititis C infection. This disease often goes undetected for decades, because the infection is initially expressed only through nonspecific symptoms. Therefore the diagnosis is often the result of a chance finding. About 80% of Hepatitis C infections are chronic and, in the course of time, can lead to liver cirrhosis.

Autoimmune Hepatitis und PBC / PSC
These autoimmune liver diseases are, in comparison to the viral illnesses, fairly rare. As with hepatitis there is no typical picture. Often it is only diagnosed only through a chance finding. Immediate treatment is necessary in order to prevent the development of liver cirrhosis. Medical treatment varies according to the illness and must usually be conducted throughout the length of the patient’s life. The progress of this liver disorder can usually be halted through consistent therapeutic application. In group meetings we will conduct an exchange of experiences by those affected by this disorder.

This is a group designed for patients who are undergoing interferon therapy. Treatment with Interferon (injections) and Ribavirin (tablets) has been known to cause considerable side effects, which are a common discussion topic in our group. We provide information on how the injections and the drain on physical and mental resources they cause can be integrated with the various tasks of daily life. Often individual consultations are conducted, as sometimes patients require a personal session due to the specificity of side effects. In these sessions a particular emphasis is placed on the inclusion of family members in the consultation.

Berliner Leberring e.V: is introducing a new group for Fatty Liver
Fatty Liver is caused not only by a virus or autoimmune effects alone; often medications or diabetes are identified as the cause. NASH will be our topic for the year 2014, and therefore in the beginning of the year we are founding a new Fatty Liver group, which will meet once every week. We will discuss topics such as nutrition, medications, and psychological problems. In the course of the year, talks and informative events will be organized regarding this topic. It will be an open group, and to ensure its success continued attendance is necessary on the part of the participants. For further information we are available for a personal consultation. Please contact us to register for the group meeting. Thank you from the Leberring team!

Porphyra is a rare, inherited metabolic disease which patients are often forced to contend with alone. We founded our Porphyria group in 2008 to provide a nationwide interconnected platform for patients. In the group we provide a place for exchanges of experience between participants, as well as advice from physicians, informational material, and emergency documents.

Liver cirrhosis can develop as a result of various liver illnesses and exist for several years without complications. Cirrhosis eventually leads to a stage known as Fibrosis. The course of the reconstruction of functional liver cells in the connective tissue by inflammatory processes takes several years in most cases. For this a healthy, vitamin rich diet is necessary as well as the avoidance of medications and other substances. In the group we discuss everyday complaints, treatments for symptoms, and support options.

The following events take place (in German) in the consultation center of Berliner Leberring e.V. regularly.