Selbsthilfe für Leberkranke seit 1997

Account and Donations

Berliner Leberring e.V.

As of 1/1/2015 we have new account information:

  • Account holder: berliner Leberring e. V.
  • Bank details: Berliner Sparkasse
  • IBAN: DE31100500000190376449
  • PayPal-Account:

Each and every donation helps us to help others!!
In order to reach our goals regarding liver illnesses, we are in need of volunteers and financial donations. The support we provide is without cost for all hepatitis affected, which is of great benefit to the socially disadvantaged. We do not receive public funds. Support through health insurance is important and project-based, but is not able to fund the entirety of our daily work. Personal consultation, clarification of public events for people affected by Hepatitis, and much more are tied to the funds we have available.

SINGLE DONATIONS: Are always welcome and help us greatly!
RECURRING DONATIONS: contribute immensely to the continuation of our work!
Providing a donation instead of purchasing flowers at a funeral service is one good idea to mitigate a sad occasion by doing a good deed and commemorating those in need of help.

You can use the option on Berliner Leberring e.V.’s  Paypal-Account to donate:

In addition to monetary donations we are also in need of material donations.

For a simpler way to donate, you can make one time or regular donations with Direct Debit. (Download the PDF file, fill out the direct debit and send us a signed letter by fax or by mail).

Because every DONATION helps us to help OTHERS!

Charitable Status
For promotion of public health, since June 29th, 2012 we have been recognized by the Berlin 1st Tax Office for Corporations as exclusive and immediate providers of eligible charitable functions ( St.Nr. 27/661/60079), and according to § 5 para. 1, no. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act and § 3 no. 6 GewStG the Trade Tax Act we are exempt from those taxes. Donations to our organization are tax deductible, and we can provide a donation receipt upon request. Even though  our employees are volunteers, we still count on your support!

Last Update: 17.06.2015