Selbsthilfe für Leberkranke seit 1997

Our Goals

The number of  liver disease diagnoses in Germany has been steadily increasing. In many cases, the Hepatitis virus is detected only by accident, often years after the initial infection. More than one million citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany suffer from Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C, of which up to half of the infection routes remain unexplained.

In addition, there are liver diseases other than Hepatitis which develop for various reasons including alcohol use, medication, auto-immune inflammation, bad nutrition, and others. We believe it is necessary to educate the public on the development, course, and prevention practices of these various liver diseases. We wish to use targeted information to ensure that common misconceptions and prejudices regarding liver diseases are no longer circulated, thereby promoting a stronger social acceptance of people affected by Hepatitis.

We are aware that liver illnesses often place additional requirements on the daily lives of patients. Our many years of experience have shown that liver disease patients benefit immensely from medical consultation and support, which is often in short supply. We therefore view the provision of personal and competent consultation which addresses all patient questions as one of our primary goals.


Last update: 06.08.2015